Fresh Food Cookbook for iPad

I had written and photographed a cookbook which was printed as a promotional piece. I quickly ran out of the first print... Show project details

Shoot What You Eat Website

As a photographer and avid eater, it was just a matter of time before I ended up with a food blog. Shoot What You Eat is... Show project details

Famzee Website

Tangoe, Inc. was launching a new product and the website was the primary branding vehicle. The mood of the website neede... Show project details

beamzdj website

Following the success of the Beamz corporate site, Beamz Interactive, Inc. moved to take advantage of the emerging verti... Show project details

Girls IRL

gIRL is a start-up leveraging the popularity of the "sexy nerd girl" by connecting bloggers with brands. Operating in Lo... Show project details

After the Touchtech identity was established, they needed a website to start displaying their work. In addition to d... Show project details

The Beamz Interactive

Beamz Interactive had long ago outgrown their initial website. The site was redesigned from the ground up to get the ret... Show project details

Daily Fix blog

Interior Design magazine was launching a new blog called Daily Fix and wanted something to break out of the company temp... Show project details

The Nomadesk site was completely redesigned from the ground up to improve company image, site architecture and user expe... Show project details

kontaktmag iPhone app

As kontaktmag made the transition from print to online, developing an app for the new iPhone was a priority. kontaktmag ... Show project details

PCDF: Prospectus

The Phoenix Contemporary Design Fair was entering into the 4th year of existence. As the new leader in contemporary desi... Show project details

kontaktmag Media Kit

kontaktmag had made the transition to online magazine and the new media kit needed to reflect the transition. An illustr... Show project details